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Star City Cam

16th & M St




Views from the Windstream Communications tower 180 degree view from 13th & N Streets

Star City Cam
16th & M - East
13th & N - North
13th & N - Northeast
13th & N - East
13th & N - Southeast

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Nebraska Images: Windows Wallpaper for your PC

Download these images to use as wallpaper on your PC. These images are sized for 1024x768 resolution, and include a solid border color on the left and bottom, to allow room for your icons and menu bar.

Note: on the 1024x768 version, the copyright message is smaller and located below the image.

Nebraska State Capitol Building #1

You can find additional Nebraska photos at

Nebraska State Capitol Building #2

A Nebraska Farm

Nebraska Sunset

Nebraska Prairie (near Sidney, Nebraska)
To install these images as wallpaper on your PC, click on the image above, to display the full-size version. Next, right-click on the image and select Set as Wallpaper. This is what your screen will look like after you install the image:

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